Day 1: Pork Ramen at Yakitori Taisho is BTS


It’s not exactly like rain on your wedding day, or a free ride when you’ve already paid but, for some reason, my first Better Than Sex selection turned out to be something enormous, meaty and felt really good in my mouth. Who would’ve thought a bowl of Chasyu Tonkotsu Ramen at Yakitori Taisho would do the trick? Apparently, my friend LH, who dragged me into the scrappy Japanese pub at St. Marks place to try the ramen noodles with extra roasted pork in pork soup base. We were going for dinner there before scooting over to Film Forum for Jean-Luc Godard’s “Vivre Sa Vie”. While the hooker Nana had her “life to live” in that film, I had my own palate to please.

After demanding that the waitress swear to the dish not having a single trace of bananas, pumpkin seeds and figs – the top three “super foods to increase libido”, according to – I was instantly won over as soon as the bowl landed in front of me. What’s not to love about the tonkotsu ramen, whose every thick slice of pork melted as you ate them, and every spoonful of its rich and milky broth possessed my taste buds? (And at 8.50, it’s just the right length price.) The pork, above all, churned my butter. To paraphrase Mae West, “It’s not the meat in my life, it’s the life in the meat.” And the pork slices are practically bursting with it, locked in a seductive tango with the broth. Some of the the fat melts into what’s left of the broth which taste better the longer the pork resides in it. The broth returns the favor, adding a bit of flavor to the meat and – I’ll stop right here as obsessing over meat clearly does not augur well for this blog. 

Let me point out, though, that ramen isn’t the specialty of Yakitori Taisho – the kind of Japanese pub that I imagine worn-out Japanese executives roll up their sleeves at while hunkered over a bowl of no-nonsense grilled fare at day’s end – its incredible variety of skewers is, and LH and I helped ourselves to chicken liver, beef guts and quail eggs. We also had a delicious serving of Agedashi Tofu (deep-fried tofu) and Mentai Potato (french fries with spicy cod roe and mayo sauce).

That’s one day down, 99 more to go. 


2 Responses to “Day 1: Pork Ramen at Yakitori Taisho is BTS”


  2. I am a sucker for ramen. You just made me really horny for Yakitori Taisho.

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