Day 22: Getting Todd Haynes to pose with Laszlo is BTS

Sometime in the last two weeks, my friend S.M. was telling me about a friend who came to visit from out of town years ago and gave him a smallish glass bunny as a present. He thought the whole thing amusing – they were getting ready to leave for dinner then – until she blurted out the caveat: he had to bring it with him to all the places they were going to that evening, including the restaurant and bars. Now Gotham Bar & Grill is not exactly the place you’d want to be seen with an animal figurine but nonetheless S.M., ever the accommodating host, obliged and, as the night wore on and they headed for drinks, Glass Bunny ended up finding groupies among the bar crowd who had their picture taken with it, including this obscure Spanish filmmaker who happened to be in New York for the NY Film Festival which screened his little film called “All About My Mother”.  

Not one to be outdone by some random bunny who got lucky with Pedro Almodovar, Laszlo has decided to launch a Great Directors series here in “Better Than Sex” where he gets to have a photo op with some of the most talented filmmakers around. And so, at the 20th Anniversary of the maverick indie film distributor Zeitgeist Films at the MOMA last Friday, who else does Laszlo run into but the extraordinary Todd Haynes, the genius behind last year’s Bob Dylan biopic “I’m Not There” and “Poison”, which was one of Zeitgeist’s early hits in 1991. And just like that, Laszlo has arrived. 



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