Day 37: Franny’s Pizza in Brooklyn is not quite BTS

I would’ve loved to love Franny’s. On paper, it had everything going for it. This mecca for pizza on Flatbush Avenue had grander ambitions than being just your friendly neighborhood pizzza parlor. The vegetables, fruits, eggs, dairy, and fish are largely sourced from local or organic producers and served in the seasons during which they are grown; all the meats at Franny’s are from sustainable sources, containing no hormones or antibiotics. The space is smallish and the décor on the stylish side of scrappy, with its exposed brick and large mirror. Its debut a few years ago prompted comparisons to Grimaldi’s and Lombardi’s from pizzaphiles and critics alike. What’s not to love?

So, as I do with dates that I would looking forward to, I pictured my Franny’s experience leading up to the climax, timing my “Oohs” and “Aahs” to the exact moment of my gastronomical conversion. It was going to be this: : The crust is a delight — the killer combo of thin, chewy, and wood-flavored . The wood-fired oven is really the clincher. The pizza has a delicious smoky aroma that no coal-fired oven can match. The pizza would be on the gourmet-side, but they are all delicious.

Well, the divide between fantasy and reality just became wider. A.H. and I trekked to Flatbush Avenue and got a table in 20 minutes. For the appetizer, I ordered a crostino of house-cured pancetta with herb butter. While the appetizer fared better, getting my palate ready for the piece de resistance, the pizza that we ordered (A.H. had their Tomato, Buffalo Mozzarella and Basil and I had Clams, Chilies and Parsley) was, I feel upset to report, not all that. The complexity of flavors and its tempting aromas were upstaged by just how salty each slice was. While Franny’s has a 1,000-degree oven, I don’t think it’s an excuse for their pizza not to be lightly charred, but burned, muffling the flavors of the clams and the basil even more. A.H. and I exchanged worried glances on our faces as we nibbled our way through the pan (we had to slice the pizza ourselves on the plate), eliciting a classic zinger from Mae West, “An ounce of performance is worth pounds of promises.” While I’ve learned over the years to manage my expectations about dates, getting over the debacle of a well-loved pizza place would take me at least a few days.

Two BTS fiascos in a row…should I just throw in the towel now?


3 Responses to “Day 37: Franny’s Pizza in Brooklyn is not quite BTS”

  1. NO! There are many more BTS experiences out there…I have to BELIEVE that. 😉

    Hey. I have an idea. How about getting out of the city. Part of the Appalachian Trail goes through New York on its way to New Hampshire or south to Georgia. Why not go on a hike??

    Or follow Sarah Vowell’s lead and go on an assassination vacation? For more info, see her book Assassination Vacation.

  2. Hola…wondering what to do late at night when most people are out ‘hunting’? Stop by Bogota till 1 a.m Fridays and Saturdays…for a great late night bite. Or come by Wednesdays with a friend when we have happy hour all night and live music with no cover charge. Meet the owners, chat with the bartenders…flirt with with the servers…

  3. What about Waldys Wood Fired Pizza and Penne?

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