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Day 42: Seeing the 93-year-old inventor of electric guitar play live is BTS

Posted in Bars & Nightlife, Music with tags , on August 7, 2008 by Vince

There are exactly 988,968 words in the English language. None of them can do justice to the experience of seeing Les Paul, the 93-year-old inventor of the electric guitar, in concert (he plays at the Iridium Jazz Club with his trio on Monday nights). I was with my friend C.A., who was transfixed by Les Paul’s genius as much as by his late-night-comic schtick. A couple of out-of-towners jammed  with him onstage as they played bluegrass, folk and jazz standards as “Summertime”, “Tennessee Waltz” and “Let’s Call The Whole Thing Off.” 


Day 21: Trying absinthe for the first time is BTS

Posted in Bars & Nightlife with tags , on July 1, 2008 by Vince

Can anyone tell me why I feel a certain irrational affinity for a liqeur that, after 100 long years of being banned in the US, resumes its quest – hypnotic, subversively rapturous – for sensory domination (aside from the fact that Johnny Depp downs a shot of it in “From Hell”)? The search for a shot of absinthe is not for the weak of heart; my friends and I stopped by five bars before finding one in the East Village right by St. Marks Place that carried it. Now I get the illicit charm of this bohemian potion: Forget about the heart. Absinthe makes the loins grow fonder, as Laszlo will tell you.